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Where are they now?

BELLA PLANT~ "I am currently living in Seattle with my son, Connor (9) and my fiance, Mike. I am lead dental assistant for a TMD specialist. My favorite memory of the production is sitting with Jessica's grandmother learning how to speak with an Italian accent"

MICHELLE COOK (Moch) ~ "married to Shaun for 9 years. I have three sons (Seth - 6, Eli, 4, Cohen - 1) and I work part time in Administration at Highlands Pet Hospital. My favorite memory of Firedamp was listening to all the guys singing the old miners songs and the camaraderie between the cast and crew members."

TIMOTHY SANDHAM ~ "I'm still living near Coalhurst and farming. My memory is of Mr. Youngward playing with the sound board and all the behind the scenes prep."

STEVE DALTON ~ " I now Work at Exhibition Park here in Lethbridge. I'm a Graphic designer. I manage & run the sign shop there. No wife (haven't made that mistake yet) and no kids. My best memories from being in Firedamp are looking out into the crowd and seeing the emotion we shared with them. I can still hear and see those standing applause's that I'm sure caused goosebumps and pride in us all!"

JESSICA CLINE (Sjogren) ~ "Currently working at Lakeland College, Co-chair of the Animal Care Comittee, Instructor in Ag sciences, also Alberta Equestrian Federation Biosecurity Coordinator. Married, live in Taber with all my fur-bearing children. Fave memory, the bouquet of yellow roses, so sweet...or Sherese in the cute little preggo suit..."

STEPHANIE ROLLINGSON (Mainzer) ~ "I live in Coaldale with my husband(Dan) and 2 year old son (Jonah). I am teaching Grade One in Taber. My husband and I also run our own vermiculture business. I have SO many good memories from being in Firedamp. The whole experience from the rehearsing, to the performances, and the feeling of the applause at the end was amazing! "

SHEILA WANDLER ~ "I still live in Coalhurst with my common law spouse Dan. I have 2 sons Kadin Kashman 8 years old and Oden Kashman 6 years old. I work at the Coyote Grill and Wok and the Coalhurst Legion. My fondest memories of being in Firedamp were the long rehearsals and all the laughs and some tears that we all had together. As well the awesome cast party we had out at the Klima house. It was an all round awesome experience we all had together. Thank you so much Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Pommen. With utmost love. Sheila Wandler."

SHERESE SPEELMAN (Ambler) ~ "I live in Lethbridge with my husband Troy and 4 yr old identical twin daughters Sydney & Alexis. I work as a Substitute Teacher as well as a cashier at the Wholesale Club. My favourite memories are spending time & having many laughs with so many wonderful people. I was also very fond of that pregnant belly-thanks for reminding me Jess!! That fake one was way easier than the real thing! "......"Oh, and my other favourite memory was watching the boys do their make-up for every performance!! By the end I don't think they hated it as much as they said they did!! They also got really good at it!!! So fun!"

CHRISTINE ODNEY ~ "I am living in Calgary and am the Human Resources Director for a humanitarian group of companies. Before that I spend my time travelling and living in different parts of the world including Australia and Malaysia. I have so many wonderful memories of being in Firedamp including our circles just before a performance when Mrs. P would give us last minute advice and encouragement. Also the sense of accomplishment right after a performance, knowing how much the audience enjoyed it and of course Im sure we all felt a bit of pride when we were invited by the Yates and the Uni to perform."

GIBSON COLE ~ " I'm currently living in Airdrie with my wife Tracy and our new son Zander. I work as a Lead Station Attendant for Air Canada at yyc and have been for almost 8 years after living in the mountains. My job has allowed me to travel the globe which I grew a passion for and plan to continue to do with my family. I should mention that I still spend as much time in the mountains as possible with snowboarding still being my biggest passion. My fondest memories of the production hands down is all the rehearsal nights. Endless hours of dialogue, fun, and Mrs. P putting us in our place"

JERRAD KUBIK ~ Living in Calgary with His Wife and Daughter. " Although it's hard to distill down all the great memories and experiences here's my top 4:

- sense of friendship, pride and community & school spirit that was felt by not only me and and the other actors, but by everyone who was involved and came to see the play - it was amazing;

- I have special memories of going with Mrs. P to interview the people that lived in Coalhurst during the time, and being in awe over their stories and lives;

- the lighting, explosion, smoke show, fire effects and music;

- and the most important memory of all for me, which flashes back to me every now and again, is of the speech Mrs. P gave to the cast before one of the final performances in Lethbridge. Among other things, she noted how the miners and people we were portraying were fictional characters, but that they were also the representations of the very real people who lived back then and who embodied the virtues that built this great part of the country - Western Canadian work ethic, sense of community, and devotion to friends and family. She then went on to say how proud she was of us and how proud we should all be of ourselves in bringing these people and their spirit back to life, and that we should all be even more proud that we all are descendants of these fine people.

Her short speech that night sent shivers down my spine and was one of the most inspirational things I had ever heard in my life up to that point. I think her speech was also the moment at which I realized what Firedamp was all about and how important it was to tell these stories, our stories - I had finally 'got it', and I knew what all the fuss was about."

LARIN WITSEL ~ "small business owner. Married and living in Lethbridge. Portrayed Will: a man who came from the east coast and my favorite memory of the production was how we progressed from the first night with all the errors and nerves, to band together and put on an amazing run of shows each one better than the last culminating in a stellar final show. Most amazing feeling I've ever had."

AMY MACHT (Soenen) ~ I am living in Lethbridge with my husband Jon,and daughter Rowan and work in the optical field as an Optician. My favorite memories of the productions were * the endless nights spent at rehearsal where a group of students became more like a family.  * the sense of satisfaction after each performance, knowing how much work it was, and how it paid off in unexplainable ways every time the audience applauded *learning about our town history and feeling so much pride in our community and having everyone come together to teach others through the story.

RILEY MCKINNON ~ "living in Coalhurst and still pursuing my music and songwriting.  My favorite memory of the play was learning the old songs and being able to perform for the people who this show meant so much to, the families who were affected by the mine disaster and all of those who lived in and around the area.

SHAUN GIBSON ~ "I am working at KFC/Taco Bell as well as taking care of my father." Favorite memory...."all of it was fun, the crew, and all the mishaps that happened through the shows"

CASSIDY KLIMA ~ "I have a few favorite memories from Firedamp, I loved the behind the scenes action, seeing how it all came together after months of practice, and watching the boys get their make-up on before the show."

Melissa STROEVE (Klima) ~ "My favorite memories of Firedamp are performing at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre and the University. It was so fun to go out as a community of play-goers and adventure a little. It was always inspiring to see Mrs. P's passion for drama, she shared her heart for theatre and community so well during that year."

Justin SJOGREN~ "I went to school for civil engineering, worked abroad for the balance of my career, now I'm a construction superintendent working for Cenovus Energy, and my best memory is of all the people and the good times we had hanging out"

Cheyenne LYSTER (Fletcher) ~ "I am living in Canmore with my husband Trevor and our two dogs. I work for ATCO Gas as a journeyman gasfitter. I have been with ATCO for 10 years. I enjoyed seeing the performance evolve into the vision that Mrs. Purcell had of Firedamp. The success of creating that vision was evident on the faces of Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. Pommen, the cast, the crew and the audience. There was such a feeling of pride and connection with all involved."

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